Koni Energy is a leading international large scale renewable energy and green hydrogen developer in Africa.

We are the first local company developing large scale renewable energy projects in Africa, adopting the highest international technical standards with prevalence in more than 12 countries and a pipeline of 4 GW of renewable projects and 2 GW of green hydrogen projects under development


We partner and work together with large utilities, national grid operators and governments to energize Africa.


Koni has developed a unique process tailored to the needs and demands of emerging countries.


Koni has offices in 3 countries with a multicultural team across Africa. We currently employ around 100 experienced staff members which are giving us flexibility of action in our markets


Koni Energy is a private holding company owned by Z Holding Ventures and different investors at different levels of Koni.


Koni Energy has established first-rate structuring partnerships for its projects with major energy multinationals such as GESI, SEPCO3, KILMURN, ECOMED , …



2022 Koni Energy is created by Z Holding Ventures to promote the development of renewable energies in Morocco and developing a hybrid SPV wind farm


Koni Energy signed a Joint Development Agreement on 2,000 MW of wind projects with GESI on the Moroccan territory


Koni Energy starts to develop a pipeline of renewable energy projects in the Maghreb region, namely Tunisia and Algeria


2023 Expansion across Africa Koni Energy enters new markets in Africa


2022 Z Holding Ventures has developed a unique development process tailored to the needs and demand of emerging countries


2022 Koni Energy develops in the MEA region, a large pipeline of renewable energy projects in Africa with Africa Business Development 


2022 Z Holding Ventures partnered with ABD to jointly develop Koni Energy Platform Africa (KEPA)

comprising 22 wind projects in 9 countries across Africa, for a total capacity of over 3 gigawatts


2022 Koni Energy signed a partnership with GESI to develop 1500 MW of wind Projects in Maghreb region


2022 Z Holding Ventures started to develop green hydrogen projects in Morocco and other countries in Africa


2021 Koni has raised capital from Z Holding investment USA for its development in Morocco.


2022 Koni announced that 60 GW of its green hydrogen pipeline was at an advanced stage.


2022 Koni has announced an investment plan of 1,3 billions euros in Morocco in the 3 next years.


2022 ZHV has signed a strategic partnership with H2 pro.


Koni Energy acquired 3000 hectares in the northeastern province of Morocco Oujda to develop the largest hybrid SPV WIND Project to connect with Europe 2 GW renewable energy.