Commercial Construction Financing from a Leading Firm

Capital Corp is a full-service project financing firm that has helped clients across the globe get access to the capital they need to develop their next business endeavor. We work in a variety of different industries and sectors. But one of our most in-demand services is construction finance. If you have a large real estate project that needs funding and you want a financial services firm that is dedicated to your success. Come see us at Capital Corp. We have decades of experience and partnerships with some of the top corporate service firms in the world. Plus, we don’t charge any upfront fees and will work with you to create loan terms that are beneficial to everyone.

Construction finance is an important industry, but it’s essential for developers to find a partner they trust to provide the capital. No matter how well you plan, there are always unexpected delays and other unforeseen circumstances that can impact the budget and timeline of a project. So, it’s important to have a partner with extensive experience in the field who is dynamic and able to help you respond to any challenges along the way.

At Capital Corp, we’ve been in the commercial construction financing business for close to four decades. In that time, we’ve seen it all and we are happy to help you create a solid business plan and structure a loan that meets your needs as a developer.

Some of the real estate projects we’ve worked on in the past include:

  • Retirement Homes
  • Residential
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Industrial Parks
  • Office Centers
  • Retail

We offer debt financing, mezzanine financing, equity investment, asset-based financing, expansion capital, government programs, tax credits, and more. Give us a call today if you are in need of commercial construction financing and want the help of one of the leading firms in the industry.